EURO election results show huge gains for the Brexit Party. Voters appear to have punished Labour and the Conservatives with the Greens and Liberal Democrats also making gains.

Mr Farage’s movement has been victorious in the East and North East of England and CardiffThe results are in for the European Parliamentary Elections 2019 for Wales.

Brexit Party – 271,404 – 32.5%Plaid Cymru – 163,928 – 19.6%Labour – 127,833 – 15.3%Lib Dems – 113,885 – 13.6%Conservatives – 54,587 – 6.5%Green – 52,660 – 6.3%UKIP – 27,566 – 3.3%Change UK – 24,332 – 2.9%ElectedNathan Lee Gill / The Brexit PartyJill Evans / Plaid Cymru – The Party of WalesJames Freeman Wells / The Brexit PartyJacqueline Margarete Jones / Labour

The Carmarthenshire count took place at the Selwyn Samuel Centre, Llanelli, on Sunday May 26, and the turnout was 41.8%.

The number of ballot papers rejected was 370.

It means that Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has got two Welsh MEPs elected  in Wales and won in 19 of the 22 council areas.

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