If you are 50-plus and want to go and see the wonderful Carmarthen Youth Opera performing the fabulous Guys and Dolls at the Lyric theatre, Carmarthen,  contact Age Cymru Sir Gar – 01554 784080.

The charity has, courtesy of Western Power Distribution and Carmarthen Youth Opera, been given 20 free tickets for older people to attend.

The matinee performance will be held on Saturday, February 24, and Western Power Distribution will also be putting on a reception with light refreshments for those lucky winners of the free tickets. 

Also if someone aged 50+ wants to go but needs help to attend from a family member or carer who is under 50, a ticket can be supplied. 

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Ring the charity on 01554 784080 or email info@agecymrusirgar.org.uk for further details.

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