DYFED-Powys Police will show its support and commitment to the National Hate Crime Awareness Week by raising awareness within its’ communities as to what a Hate Crime or Incident is. Additionally, we will be encouraging members of the public to ‘Stand Together’, ‘Say No to Hate Crime” and to ‘Be Heard’ .

Chief Inspector Rhiannon Ivens, the Force lead for Hate Crime said:

“Hate crimes and incidents continue to have a significant impact on victims and can cause serious distress, confusion and fear. By their very nature they are hostile, targeting a person or people merely due to a disability, their religion or belief, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation or transgender identity. We ‘Stand Together’ to stop this and support victims to encourage increased reporting and positive outcomes.”

To further demonstrate our commitment to protecting vulnerable people in our communities, Dyfed-Powys Police has prepared and launched a new Hate Crime and Incidents Strategy having spent time consulting a wide range of partners, stakeholders and those affected about the ways in which we can continue to tackle all forms of hate together and continue to learn from the lived experiences of those involved”.

During Hate Crime Awareness week, officers, staff and partners will be taking part in a wide variety of activities and events to encourage increased awareness, build trust and confidence and secure enhanced future engagement with our service across Dyfed-Powys.

Chief Inspector Ivens added:

“By reporting these crimes and incidents when they occur, our residents and communities are joining us in the fight against crime, supporting us to investigate, identify offenders and bring them to justice and to stop this from happening to someone else. Whether you are a victim or a witness to hate crime, adult or child, please report it to us, we want to hear from you and stop this together.”

Assistant Chief Constable Richard Lewis said:

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“I’m proud of the work we are taking forward in Dyfed-Powys to connect with our communities and encourage residents and visitors to the area to come forward and report any hostility that strikes at the core of who they are.

“We know that the impact of hate crime can be deeply disturbing for those targeted in addition to the wider community and we are forging ahead with our partners to reach them and tackle offenders. We hope to see increased reporting that reflects high levels of confidence in our services and our strategy will help us to challenge and positively influence our joint progress with partners and ensure that people can feel safe in all areas of society.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Dafydd Llywelyn said:

“I am pleased to be supporting a range of activity across the Force area on such important issues during Hate Crime Awareness Week. To reinforce my commitment to working with young people, I have chosen to support partners within the creative industries to work with young people throughout the week to get their voice heard, to challenge perceptions and misconception and put an end to hate”.

The Commissioner will be supporting several activities in collaboration with Welsh Government funding for Hate Crime Awareness Week. For more information on the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Hate Crime Awareness Week activities, please go to:
http://www.dyfedpowys-pcc.org.uk/en/news/press-releases (also on page 11 and 12 of this document)

Victims are encouraged not to suffer in silence but to report hate crime by speaking to Neighbourhood Policing teams or via the 101 non-emergency number or 999 during an emergency. Victims can also report electronically on the True Vision reporting system – www.report-it.org.uk

For further information please visit our website.

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