HELEN Mary Jones AM has given her first speech since returning to the Welsh Assembly as AM for Mid and West Wales in the wake of today’s announcement that her predecessor Simon Thomas has been charged with making indecent images of children.

Speaking at the Plenary meeting at the Senedd today, Tuesday (Sep 18) the Plaid Cymru AM said: “Nobody would wish to find themselves return to the chamber under the circumstances I face.”

Having been introduced by the chair Elin Jones ahead of First Minister’s Questions Helen Mary thanked Swansea University for allowing her to leave her post early and she thanked staff at Plaid Cymru and the Welsh Assembly for helping her with the transition.

Speaking about her decision to return she said: “Once the decision to return had been made it felt like the right thing to do. I am looking forward to serving my constituents of Mid and West Wales.”

Perhaps with reference to turbulent times in Welsh politics or just as a general observation Helen Mary Jones  said that she was aware that times had changed since she last stood in the chamber but that her values had not. She said that she would continue to commit to the struggle of social justice, the rights of children and the liberation of women and girls.

Not taking on the role reluctantly: Helen Mary Jones AM/AC

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