HILLARY is a member of  GI Joe’s Personal Training centre in Llanelli.  When Hillary started training at the centre she was working many long shifts in McDonalds, running a household and looking after her kids (and hubby). However, she still managed to squeeze in 3 hours of training a week and make good food choices 80% of the time. Since then Hillary has gone on to conquer tasks and overcome challenges to the point where anything seems possible.

Hillary explained: “Being overweight and not liking how I looked made me reclusive. It was easier to stay at home and do nothing.

“I can’t do that or I would never be able to do that/wear that/be like that were constant thoughts in my head. I fell ill a lot, I had IBS, would often have a bad back and always seemed to catch colds. I would have mood swings and feel very depressed a lot.

“Losing weight has literally opened up the world to me. The confidence you gain in yourself is astounding. Losing weight is  hard. But working hard and seeing yourself change physically, fitting into smaller clothes and getting compliments off people, changes you inside as well as outside.

“I feel better, healthier, fitter, and more optimistic. I feel I can be and am the person I always wanted to be. I love pushing myself to do things that scare me or I feel will be too hard so that I can prove to myself I am not that woman anymore.

“I’ve now walked up Mount Snowdon, Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, done the Welsh 3 Peaks, taken part in  half marathons, numerous obstacle and mud runs and helped raise cash for charity through fitness. None of which, I’d have ever thought possible before.”

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