THE issue of the choice of Llanerch for the new Ysgol Dewis Sant School will just not simmer down. It remains a melting pot and divisor within the community as some hope the much needed new school will be up and running on Llanerch Field while others insist that the site is the wrong choice and continue to express concerns over a large sewage tank under the site, a crumbling river wall, a weak river bridge, Japanese knotweed and now mine shafts (see our article holes appear at Llanerch).

The head of the present school located a stone’s throw from Llanerch Field has sent out a letter to parents asking them to attend a meeting on July 2nd. Campaigners are concerned over the language used within the letter claiming that it predetermines and influences parents rather than offering an opportunity for those in favour of the site and those opposed.

The letter states:

Meeting – Parents family and friends – If you are in favour of the Llannerch (sic) location for a new school build. We kindly ask you to attend a meeting held at the school; Monday 2nd July at 3.30pm. The meeting will be led by parents and school governors. The school needs your voice to ensure a new suitable building.

We contacted the school to ask why they used the language, which appears to alienate anyone in opposition to the site. We asked if anyone who opposed the site would be welcome. We asked if they had asked the local town and county representatives and those who might be able to offer critical information for consideration.

The school responded:

There will be no meeting held at the school Monday afternoon. We have no further comment.

We contacted Carmarthenshire County Council and asked if they had concerns about the language used in the letter or if they considered the letter to be discriminatory.

They said:

We suggest you contact the head as this would not be a council issue – meeting.

The campaigners issued the following statement:

It is unfair that CCC has predetermined Llanerch as the suitable site for the new school. We have been campaigning to save this valuable green open space for nearly two years. We have highlighted the issues to CCC and the headteacher and governors but they still feel that this the best place for the school which is on an enormous combined sewage tanks which holds approximately many litres of raw sewage. The loss of green space will have a massive detrimental effect on the community but the head of Dewi Sant is still perusing Llanerch as the best site whilst there have been several more suitable sites to consider.

Cllr Rob James said:

I was contacted by a local resident concerning a meeting in Ysgol Dewi Sant over the building of a new school. The letter stated that the meeting was organised by governors and parents, yet I was not part of the organisation of this meeting as an LEA governor. Having received the letter, I approached the Headmistress and the Director of Education for more information, and I have now been informed that no meeting will be held in the school on Monday. I intend to bring up the matter at our school governors meeting on Tuesday.

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