PHILIPPA STANLEY from Equis Coaching will be providing free professional coaching services to NHS carers in response to an urgent appeal to support the mental wellbeing of our frontline workers.

Philippa, certified by the International Coach Federation as a life, business and equine coach will join more than 4,000 wellbeing specialists volunteering their time to the ‘High Five Our Carers’ campaign.

The project, launched by Psychologist Dr Craig Newman as part of non-profit social enterprise Project High Five CIC aims to deliver 80,000 sessions of free mental wellbeing sessions per month to support over 1.3 Million NHS staff currently working tirelessly to keep us safe.

“I wanted to create a free service for everybody who works in the NHS so anyone who feels that they need wellbeing support can access the help they need. There has been the most fantastic and heart-warming response from the mental health community, coaching and wellbeing groups all offering their services for free to support the NHS staff.” shares Dr Newman,

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“Whilst the NHS has its own mental health response plan for staff, we hope that Project5 will free capacity and enable mental health teams to return to patient work as many have been deployed to support frontline colleagues.”

Philippa, who coaches regularly from her farm in Llanelli, both in person and remotely is delighted to have the opportunity to use her skills to benefit those in need,

“The most effective part of my work is seeing transformations in the people I work with and right now I’m conscious there are millions of people suffering from the effects of the pandemic that need urgent guidance. Supporting the mental health of carers is a huge passion of mine and is already part”

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