The owners of a  newly established business in Llanelli are to make a complaint to the Town Council and County Council regarding what they perceive as a problematic centre which supports drug users and offers a needle exchange.

The centre which comes under the banner of Barod and Dyfed Drug & Alcohol Substance Misuse Team (DDAS) is located on Vaughan Street in Llanelli.

DDAS lists its objectives as;

“The main point of contact in Carmarthenshire for anyone concerned with their own drug use, or who are concerned about somebody else’s drug use. They provide advice, information and practical support, such as accessing foodbanks or wellbeing and recovery groups. They provide blood borne virus testing (HIV, Hep B and C), needle exchange, access to substitute medication They can also assist with access to a wide range of other services.”

BAROD lists its objectives as;

Barod (formerly known as Drugaid) provides free confidential and non judgmental support delivered by trained workers. This is all based on harm reduction principles and we use good practise and evidence based initiatives.”

The businessman got in touch with Llanelli Online today following an incident in the town centre, which he claims involved clients of the centre.

Speaking to Llanelli online today, Monday (Jul 9)  Leslie Gilbert of Leslie Gilbert Jewellers in the Stepney Arcade said:

“Two people came into my shop this morning and they were visibly upset by what they had seen. There were two people fighting in the town centre and my customers said it was ‘mayhem’. When will the local Town Council, County Council, police and Police and Crime Commissioner intervene?

People are avoiding coming into Llanelli Town Centre for fear of drug addicts. The centre is in the wrong location. It should not be in the town centre. Why can’t it be moved? It is pulling the town down.”

We contacted Dyfed-Powys Police and asked about the incident today. They responded:

“Police received a report of a verbal dispute between two women in Llanelli town centre at around 8.40am.

“Officers attended and no offences were disclosed by either party.

“No further police action was necessary.”

We contacted Carmarthenshire County Council and they told us that the centre was managed by the Hywel Dda University Health Board and that we should contact them.

We contacted Llanelli Town Council and a spokesperson said:

“The issue of the disposal of used needles has been before our council and I’ve copied the relevant minutes.
The Leader of the County Council is currently looking at the problems associated with anti-social behaviour in the town centre
through the Town Centre Task Force.”

We contacted the centre on Vaughan Street and were referred to a senior manager. The senior manager was unavailable for comment.

The following are minutes from the website of Llanelli Town Council.

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The Town Clerk reported the receipt of a Notice of Motion, Proposed by Councillor S.I. Davies and Seconded by Councillor J.P. Jenkins, however, due to Councillor Davies’ apologies for absence the Motion was now Proposed by Councillor J.P. Jenkins and Seconded by Councillor S.L. Rees.

The Motion stated ‘that Llanelli Town Council expresses its concern at the large number of used needles being found in public areas around Llanelli. This Council calls upon all relevant Authorities to work together to tackle this issue to ensure the safety of law-abiding residents is prioritised and stricter controls are placed over the supply of needles in Llanelli’.

During a lengthy discussion members expressed their concerns regarding the number of used needles being discarded within the town centre, however, it was felt that the imposing of stricter controls on needle exchange could result in greater cases of needles being shared. As a result an amendment was put to the motion which read: ‘that Llanelli Town Council expresses its concern at the large number of used needles being found in public areas around Llanelli. This Council calls upon all relevant Authorities to work together to tackle this issue to ensure the safety of law-abiding residents and that the Council contacts the Hywel Dda Health Board, DDAS and the Police asking them to attend a future Council meeting to discuss the matter’ was moved and seconded.

Following a request for a recorded vote it was

RESOLVED – that the amended motion be approved with the votes being cast as follows:-

Votes for the Amended Motion: Councillors Ms. L.A. Edmunds, M.P. Edmunds, J.S. Edmunds (Town Mayor), C.A. Reed, W.E. Skinner, D.Ll. Darkin, J.G. Prosser, Mrs. B.A.L. Roberts (Deputy Town Mayor), Ms. S. Najmi, J.P. (Leader of the Council), P.T. Warlow, A.S.J. McPherson, Mrs. J. Williams.

Votes against the Amended Motion: Councillors M.D. Cranham, J.P., T. Davies, J.P. Jenkins , J.E. Jones, J.P., W.J. Lemon, S.L. Rees.


Further to Minute No. 80 of the Council meeting held on 10th January 2018 the Town Clerk reported the receipt of an invitation to attend a presentation from Dyfed Drug and Alcohol Service at their offices at 6.00 p.m. together with representatives from Dyfed Powys Police and the Hywel Dda Health Board on Tuesday, 20th February 2018 (copies of the invitation having been previously circulated to members).

RESOLVED – that the information be noted and that all Councillors be encouraged to attend the presentation.


Further to Minute Nos. 80 and 87 of the Council meetings held on 10th January and 7th February 2018, members considered the Town Clerk’s report (copies having been circulated prior to the meeting).

The report gave details of the presentation given by the Dyfed Drugs and Alcohol Service (DDAS) at their offices in Vaughan Street, Llanelli on Tuesday 20th February 2018 at 6 p.m.

A slide presentation was given by Sian Roberts, Service Manager at DDAS, together with a question and answer session supported by the following persons:-

Sian Prior – Director of Operations (Deputy CEO), Barod (formerly Drugaid)
Rob Barker – Service Manager, Barod
Inspector Justin Evans – Dyfed Powys Police
Kate Thomas – Community Safety Manager, Carmarthenshire County Council
Joanna Dainton – Head of Commissioning and Partnership Strategy and Development for Substance Misuse, Hywel Dda Health BoardFollowing a brief discussion, it wasRESOLVED – that the Community Development Officer continues to liaise and meet with DDAS and other needle exchange providers in the Town area in order to improve the return rate of used needles.


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