18th April 2021

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Neil Hamilton AM Assures Welsh Farmers of his Continued Support

NEIL Hamilton, UKIP Leader in Wales and AM for Mid & West Wales, has assured Welsh farmers of his continued support.

Mr Hamilton, Party Spokesman Agriculture and Rural Affairs, recently met with members of Carmarthenshire Farmers’ Union of Wales to discuss the future of agriculture after Brexit and told members he needed no encouragement to support agriculture as the mainstay of the countryside.

Commenting he said:

“I welcomed the opportunity to talk with FUW members and hear their real concerns for the future.  I hope I was able to allay many of their fears and ensure them of my total support.

“Brexit is a massive opportunity to rid ourselves of the shackles of the Common Agriculture Policy which is nothing more than a protectionist racket.  The reality of the CAP is that, for every £2 which British taxpayers contribute, only £1 comes back to our farmers.  We are far better off out of this dysfunctional, undemocratic conspiracy against the taxpayer and consumer and we can well afford the necessary costs of maintaining a prosperous countryside.

“The UK’s net contribution to the EU Budget is now over £9 billion a year.  Put another way, after accounting for all the money spent on EU programmes in the UK, the UK taxpayer subsidises other EU countries to the tune of £9 billion a year.   Ending that outflow means we can spend that money on worthwhile projects at home, including agriculture.

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“The Welsh Government has a great opportunity post-Brexit and I will do my best to ensure they do not squander it.

Mr David Waters, County Executive Office for the FUW thanked Mr Hamilton for meeting with members and sharing his views on agriculture.

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