19th June 2021

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AM praises farming union for green credential improvement

Praising farming union: Neil Hamilton AM

NEIL Hamilton, Leader of UKIP Wales and AM for Mid & West Wales, has praised a farming union for improving its green credentials.

Mr Hamilton, Party Spokesman for Agriculture, Rural Affairs and the Environment, says he is delighted to see NFU Cymru making use of waste potatoes in a different way.

NFU Cymru’s monthly membership magazine, Farming Wales, will now be delivered to members in an environmentally-friendly potato starch polybag instead of a plastic polywrap.

Mr Hamilton said:

“These days we are all much more conscious about improving our environment and I am extremely pleased to see a farming product being used in this way.

“It is a very clever idea as potatoes are one of the most versatile food products across the world and readily available.

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“It is important that we continue to look at becoming greener to protect our planet and the environment and I welcome this initiative.”

NFU Cymru Director, John Mercer, said: “As the original friends of the earth, farmers play a massive role in enhancing Wales’ natural environment. As a Union it is important that we, too, constantly look at new ways that we can improve our environmental credentials.

“What better way of doing this than by using farming products to create a decomposable magazine wrapper. We hope that other magazines will follow suit and start swapping plastic for potatoes.”

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