19th April 2021

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British Isles Short Mat Bowls Championships boost for Carmarthen

IRELAND have had a great weekend. The Irish RFU team beat the mighty All Blacks in Dublin.

Here in Wales the Irish Short Mat Bowls team were also on form beating the rest of the British Isles to take the 2018 Championship.

The event took place over two days at the Bro Myrddin Bowls Centre in Carmarthen. Hundreds of competitors and many hundreds more of their family and friends descended on Llanelli and Carmarthen staying at local hotels and boosting the economy.

The sport is for anyone from 7 to 70 years of age. It welcomes all people. Taking part side by side over the weekend were 14-year-old national champions and veterans of the game. Rachel Cochrane of Ireland is the youngest finalist and the youngest ever winner of the lady’s singles.

Rachel Cochrane in action in Carmarthen

The Irish team was comprised of some of the youngest competitors in the championships. Short mat bowls is an indoor sport and a modern variation on lawn bowls, from which it is derived.

A 40-45ft mat is rolled out and wooden fenders are placed at either end of the mat. A block of wood is placed almost in the centre of the mat and bowlers are expected to get their bowls around the block of wood and curl it in as close as possible to the ‘jack’.

Play continues from either end of the mat as the markings are identical at both ends. Don’t expect a quiet sedate bunch of people either. The bowlers take it all quite seriously and can get very excited and noisy when winning.

Mayor of Carmarthen, Cllr Emlyn Schiavone supporting the event at the Bro Myrddin Bowls Centre

The Mayor of Carmarthen Cllr Emlyn Schiavone closed the weekend’s activities and thanked the organisers for their hard work He also thanked the visitors from the other home nations for spending their time and their money in Carmarthenshire.

Full results available soon.

You can view our team galleries here.

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