11th April 2021

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Bryn Creates a Mummy out of Politician

YOUV’E heard broadcasters and film makers say ‘It’s a wrap’ haven’t you? Usually the reserve of the likes of Alfred Hitchcock that demon of the silver screen psycho horror movie. But for an hour or two at least, it was the children of Bryn who set their sights on producing a terrifying Mummy.

Llanelli’s AM Lee Waters was well and truly wrapped by the children, but in toilet roll. The young directors of the spooky epic decided to embalm Mr Waters in toilet tissue much to the delight of some of the onlookers. He was silenced for a short time anyway by the children who turned up in droves to this Halloween party filled with frights and fun.

You can watch the ghostly and ghastly video here but beware, there is a politician involved…… aaaaaarrrrrrrgh!

Fundraising Halloween Party at Bryn Hall from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

Hall Committee Chairperson Pam Richards said that the party was to unite Llangennech and Bryn. She said that they have had a lot of events in the past and the proceeds would go towards a defibrillator at the hall.Pam said that the hall committee was only formed a few months ago but that it was doing very well.

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Lee Waters AM (AKA The Mummy) said that there was a great sense of community in Bryn. He said: "There is a real effort to start activities here. Councillors Gary Jones, Jacqueline Seward and the volunteers have done a marvellous job here. There is a £1,500 target for the defibrillator. They now have £500. Hopefully as a result of today they are a lot closer to reach the target."

Mr Waters stressed the importance of having easily accessible defibrillators and people trained in their use. He said, "That package could save people's lives."

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