16th April 2021

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Burry Port Councillor Braves the Shave for Charity

COUNTY Councillor John James is known to many as a man with a decent head of hair and a matching beard. Indeed some would say he is the envy of more ‘follicly challenged’ men, that’s bald to you or I.

What on Earth would possess him to have it all shaved off and join the ranks of George Doors, Telly Savalas, Yul Brynner and that guy who does the Crystal Maze?

The simple answer is CHARITY with a capital C for cancer and Macmillan Cancer Support.

With the help of Kev, another Burry Port male known for his luscious locks and his ability to turn any self respecting head of hair into a GI Joe lookalike (plug for a local business) at Kev’s Salon (another plug for a local business), named after Kev of course.

Who Loves Ya Baby?: Cllr John James gets a pat of support from fellow Councillor Amanda Fox

It all took place in Burry Port at the Rugby Club amid a plethora of hair related songs like, San Francisco and we forget the others.

The next County Council webcast should be interesting as the cameras battle to avoid the glare of John’s head unless Kev can come up with a daily routine for John in conjunction with a local make up artist to add a little concealer.

It is not known as yet just how much Cllr James has raised but Kev tells us that it is in the hundreds of pounds. Let’s hope it edges over into the thousands.

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John James ‘Brave the Shave’ from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

All Photos © and courtesy of Byron Williams.


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