Call for change in law as convicted rapist Dai Boswell continues to be paid by council

CALLS for a change in law have been made after convicted rapist and former mayor of Pembroke, Dai Boswell, remains a councillor following his 18 year prison sentence. This means he is currently still being paid for his position. While there is an automatic disqualification for local councilors charged with prison sentences longer than 3 months, that disqualification does not take place immediately after being sentenced.

In a statement, Pembrokeshire County Council said: “Unless the Councillor chooses to resign from both roles with immediate effect, the process is now as follows: the County Council seat of Pembroke: St Mary North will be declared vacant as soon as the legislation permits.”

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As a defendant that is found guilty has 28 days to appeal the court’s decision; by law, Pembroke council are unable to declare Mr Boswell’s position vacant unless he chooses to step down before that date. He could even choose to appeal the decision, which would mean he would continue to be paid until the result of that appeal is determined. Given the fact Mr Boswell has denied all charges made against him, this scenario isn’t out of the question.

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