14th May 2021

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AM calls for Welsh forces to end policing fracking disputes in England

PLAID CYMRU AM Simon Thomas has called on Welsh police forces to end policing fracking disputes over the border in England.

Mid and West AM Simon Thomas, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Climate Change and Rural Affairs said:

“Welsh politicians of different political parties have taken a decision to ban fracking once we get the powers.

“All public bodies whether they are devolved or non devolved should respect the decision of the National Assembly.”

“I written to every Police Commissioner in Wales to ask them to refain from using their workers to police disputes about fracking in England.

“This issue and many others show why there is a need for powers over police and criminal justice to rest in Wales.”

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North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones added:

“I totally oppose fracking and I recently successfully sought to persuade the North Wales Police not to provide mutual support to Lancashire Police to facilitate Cuadrilla to frack at Preston New Road. Welsh Police Officers should not be used to act as glorified security guards and to facilitate an activity which I am confident will be illegal in the coming months. I hope my colleagues in Wales will agree with Simon Thomas and also withhold resources from fracking sites in England.”

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