Councillor Rob James, Leader of Carmarthenshire Labour and Opposition Leader on Carmarthenshire Council states, “We are saddened to hear the news that Castell Howell may be considering job losses and have begun discussions with the workforce.

“Since the beginning of the lockdown, Castell Howell have been working closely with the Welsh Government and Carmarthenshire County Council to support local food banks, those in receipt of free school meals and individuals shielding from the Coronavirus. Our communities will be upset to hear about this recent announcement.

“Castell Howell is a significant employer in the county and is essential to our local economy. Our fear is that this announcement may be the first of many as the UK Government alters their furloughing scheme and risks a large rise in unemployment. We need a back to work budget from the U.K. Government to protect jobs at a crucial phase of the coronavirus recovery.

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In the meantime, we will be lobbying on behalf of Castell Howell and the wholesale sector for financial support to weather the storm.”

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