Common Side Effects of Weight Loss People Don’t Talk About

Joe Williams

STARTING out on a weight loss journey, we can see what our body and life will be like when we’ve reached that weight loss goal. But in reality it’s somewhat different. This isn’t me writing to put you off weight loss, it’s what I’m here for.

To make you aware of some ‘consequences’ of losing weight I am going to cover what I’ve personally seen many clients go through after weight loss, and how we’ve overcome/reduced them.

For people who need it, weight loss can be a huge positive impact on their lives. But it can be a mixed blessing.

#1 Excess Skin: We all know that losing a lot of weight can leave behind excess/loose skin. When you drop a lot of body fat, you are losing what has, in effect, been pushing against and stretching your skin over years. Now your genes, age and how much weight you’ve dropped will affect how much your skin recovers. Resistance training has been shown to help, as well as keeping hydrated and moisturising the skin daily.

#2 Comments from Friends/Family: People get used to who you are and what you do, when it comes to you making a positive change some may become jealous. It’s remarkable how much weight can play a part in relationships. Some may question why you are eating certain things or going to the gym so much. One thing I hear a lot from clients is people saying “You’re getting too skinny now” when we know damn well that they are at a healthy weight! Just reassure them that you are HAPPY and of a HEALTHY weight. Comments are like smells; they can stink at times but will pass.

#3 Marriage: This is a toughie. Shedding pounds can lead to your partner feeling insecure or threatened, causing tension in the marriage. Talking to your partner, getting them involved and feeling more a part of it can help ease the worries. It’s always nice to see a couple become a ‘super couple’….you’ve heard the saying; ‘couples that train together, stay together’ Address any concerns and if you feel it’s needed speaking to a couples therapist can help.

#4 Stuck in your Old Body: Being teased growing up can leave a deep scar and cause you to have a negative outlook on your body. When you lose weight, unless you can see a realistic image of yourself you will still see yourself as the former, larger person. Progress pictures are a brilliant way of showing yourself how much you’ve changed, or keep hold of an item of clothing from the bigger days to remind yourself how much you’ve changed and achieved.

#5 The Work Doesn’t Stop: Losing the weight is one thing, keeping it off is another challenge all together. By the time you’ve dropped the desired weight you should have created some positive habits, keep them up. You can’t go back to how you were (and why would you want to?!) so ensuring you enjoy the training you do and don’t see the diet side as a chore will help create lifelong changes.


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