Confirmed COVID-19 cases ‘stabilised’ between 300 to 400 a day

DATA on NHS Wales activity was announced by NHS Wales Chief Executive Andrew Goodall at a press conference today, Thursday (Apr 23).

The data reads as follows:

· The number of confirmed cases has stabilised at between 300 to 400 a day for the past two weeks.

· But this varies across Wales – there are higher rates in South Wales, in Aneurin Bevan, Cardiff and Vale and Swansea Bay health board areas.

· Around one in three tests are positive.

· There is evidence of lower numbers of people with coronavirus in intensive care.

· Today, all our health boards are continuing to report their status as green or level one.

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· We have around 10,000 hospital and community beds routinely available on any day in Wales.

· About 47% of our acute hospital beds are currently empty.

· There are 773 people with confirmed coronavirus in acute hospitals today and a further 335 suspected cases – this is lower than last week.

· We have 393 available critical care beds this week. More than half are empty and available.

· One in three intensive care beds are occupied by people with confirmed or suspected coronavirus.

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