28th July 2021

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AT the Council’s Recreation and Welfare Committee meeting held on 20 November, Members voted in favour of an asset transfer from Carmarthenshire County Council to Llanelli Rural Council, of the children’s play area on Yspitty Road, Bynea.

At the meeting Members considered inspection reports on the play area and its equipment.

The Members were informed of available monies being secured for future maintenance of the play area.

Necessary arrangements will be put in place to trigger the asset transfer process between the officers of the Councils. Leader of Llanelli Rural Council.

Right thing to do: Cllr Tegwen Devichand

Cllr. Tegwen Devichand said: “We felt it was the right thing to do for the local community.

“The population of Bynea continues to grow therefore sustaining and maintaining amenities like the children’s play area for this part of the Ward is essential.

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“Once transferred to Llanelli Rural Council, the monies available will enable us to improve the run down areas and further maintain the play area to a high standard.”

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