Councillors want answers and action on Llanelli’s fly infestation

Residents have suggested that the sewer system may be to blame for the infestation

COUNCILLORS in the area worse affected by a major infestation of flies have called on the county council to provide answers and action before there is a serious environmental health incident and have described conditions for residents as ‘hell’.

Social media has been bombarded by posts from residents across Llanelli complaining about the large numbers of flies in their homes. The area where the flies have been increasing in numbers has spread as far as Burry Port in the West to Bynea in the East and Bryn and Felinfoel in the North.

Some are commenting that they believe that the infestation is related to works being carried out on Llanelli’s sewer system although this has not been verified. The area identified runs at a parallel with the CSO outlets for the main sewer lines running from Burry port to Bynea.

Llanelli Online contacted Dwr Cymru to ask if they had noticed any issues at any of their sites.

A spokesperson for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water said: “We are aware of the concerns surrounding flies in the Llanelli area, and have been working with Carmarthenshire Council’s Environmental Health team.

“The authority’s Environmental Health team has visited our RainScape site and is satisfied that the increase in flies is not related to our work in the area.

“Our work in and around Station Road has seen us invest £95 million to build a new and separate surface water tunnel, specifically to remove rain water from the combined sewer network in the town. We’re not working on the foul sewer network, and no wastewater pipes or sewers would be exposed during this work.

“We want to thank our customers for bearing with us while we carry out this essential work.

“If our customers have any further queries regarding our RainScape work, they can contact us on 0800 085 3968.”

We asked the county council for more detailed information on what they were going to do about the infestation and if they had been liaising with Dwr Cymru.

We asked:

Could you tell us what the council plan on doing as it may escalate into a serious environmental health  incident?

Have the council inspected some of the places, which would ordinarily be associated with flies such as the recycling depot, sewer outlets, ponds, etc?

Has the council had any communication with Dwr Cymru or made any enquiries regarding sewer works taking place?

What steps/measures are the council taking regarding environmental health of residents?

Have the council approached Dwr Cymru to find out if there are any breaks in the sewages system or any cases of open drains or blockages in the area?

Will the council be issuing residents any resources to deal with the infestation?

We had the following response: Executive board member for public protection, Cllr Philip Hughes, said: “Our environmental health officers have visited the area and carried out extensive enquiries however nothing has, as yet, come to light that would explain the reasons for the infestation. They are continuing to monitor the area. If you have specific information that might help their enquiries, we’d encourage you to send details to

County Councillor John Prosser and a local resident (Judith) spoke to Llanelli from one of the areas (Glanymor) affected by the infestation.  You can watch the interview here:

Councillors want answers to fly infestation from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

Victoria Goddard contacted us and said: “I have fly infestation also it’s terrible you can’t cook can’t leave the door open for kids to go out to play out the back it’s disgusting I’m wiping round the house with dettol
in case the children fall ill. We need answers to where they are coming from.”

Leah wrote: I put the fly strips up and within half hour this is the result and still killing more.

Jamie Hill wrote: “I have just read your article regarding the fly infestation in Llanelli we to are suffering greatly with this problem. We live in clos sant Paul’s close to the Welsh water site, this summer has been the worst for us we have never known anything like it with the amount of flies we keep all windows and doors shut all day and keep our four year old inside, it’s not right he should be in the garden playing, nothing keeps them out though. We have to rush our food before the flies land on it and most of the time don’t finish because we feel sick at the sight of them. My partner is constantly bleaching the surfaces and floors, we have tried everything to get rid of them from planting herbs by the window to buying a blue light but every day more come. It’s a living nightmare!”

Miriam Williams wrote:  “With regards the article about the recent fly problem around Seaside I thought I’d send a quick email to say we’ve been inundated with flies in Pen Y Fai Lane in Furnace too. They’ve appeared all of a sudden within the last fortnight with no noticeable reason as to why.”

Amanda wrote: This is less than twenty four hours old. We cannot go out my back garden   Two people have been ill in my house with sickness and diarrhoea is this to do with the flies as I know many other people  have also suffered with this. We like many others can’t cope as this is the second year now

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