16th June 2021

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Councillors Welcome Plans to Build Low Cost, Rental, Eco Homes in Burry Port

COUNTY Councillors John James and Amanda Fox who represent the Burry Port Ward have expressed their delight that a piece of land on Glanmor Terrace could be used for the building of up to 30 homes, which will be offered for rent to local people if plans are approved. The land borders a sheltered housing complex and is located close to the harbour, railway station and all the amenities Burry Port has to offer.

Carmarthenshire County Council has earmarked 7 sites for building affordable housing and  the site opposite Glanmor Terrace is one of those.

Speaking to Llanelli Online today, Monday (Oct 29) Councillor Fox said: “We have approached the County Council to put over a strong case for the first build to be in Burry Port such as the loss of 23 homes from Isgraig. If successful we will be lobbying the County Council for local people to have priority with these homes.”

Cllr James and Cllr Fox said that they were especially pleased that the homes would be low impact ‘Passive House’ type homes. Buildings which are energy efficient, comfortable, affordable and ecological at the same time. The low cost rentals would be built in a partnership between the County Council and the Welsh Assembly Government, which aims to increase the number of social housing for rent in Wales.

Burry Port New Homes from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

The Welsh Government’s programme for government – Taking Wales Forward 2016-2021 – states that the Welsh Government will work in partnership to deliver an extra 20,000 affordable homes in the current assembly term, including supporting the construction of more than 6,000 homes through the Help to Buy scheme. This target was also included in the Welsh Government’s national strategy – Prosperity for All.

The Welsh Government’s plan to achieve the target of 20,000 additional affordable homes, includes:

  • Continuing to support the construction of social housing for the most vulnerable through schemes, such as the Social Housing Grant (SHG);
  • Supporting construction of more than 6,000 homes through the Help to Buy scheme;
  • Developing a more ambitious house building programme which is ambitious in terms of the design, quality, location and energy efficiency of the homes delivered;
  • Supporting a variety of housing tenures to respond to a wider range of housing needs;
  • Developing a Rent to Own scheme which will support those who aspire to buy their own home but struggle to save a sizeable deposit; and
  • Promoting a range of routes into home ownership at an affordable cost, especially for first-time buyers in areas where they are often unable to purchase a home due to high local property values.

Plas Y Mor new build: Burry port will have accommodation for young and old alike

Burry Port is like any town with businesses changing hands, as old established businesses like Sewards Fruit and Veg close and other new businesses also pop up. Cllr Fox has even opened a new shop in the town called ‘Cadno’.

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The new housing does come at the cost of losing a green space but Cllr Fox said that the benefits of new affordable social housing outweighs the cost of losing the piece of land. Some residents have expressed concerns regarding parking.

In the past residents had taken matters into their own hands and removed wooden bollards on one side of the road. As we stood on the roadside interviewing the councillors large truck and buses sped by despite it being a 20mph limit.

The councillors said that they were reassuring residents that the parking issues would be taken into consideration. They have also asked for a boules (form of bowls) area for residents to get together.

When asked about the possible shortage of doctors surgeries, school places, dentists and essential services Amanda Fox said: “We are desperate for more homes. A lot of homes have gone. We said in our manifesto that we were pushing for more social housing. The more people who come in to Burry Port the more ammunition we have for doctors and services.”

Cllr James said that he hoped the homes would be built by the end of 2019.

Both councillors said that public notices detailing the planning application should appear in the area soon.

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