ECB’s Women’s Softball Cricket Programme visits Dafen

NEARLY 100 women and girls took part in ECB’s Women’s Softball Cricket Programme which took place at Dafen Cricket Club yesterday, Sunday (July 1).

The ECB launched its Women’s Softball Cricket Programme this year and they’ve been working with local Cricket Clubs to host Festivals across the country this season.

A number of female Welsh Cricket Squad members were in attendance to support the ladies who were new to cricket, many of whom had never picked up a bat before.

The aim of the Festivals is to encourage ladies of all ages to have a go at cricket in a fun, fast, safe and social environment.

With 10 teams competing on the day, it was the Merlins led by captain Hayley Lewis-Howell, who were looking to be outright winners with 4 wins from 4, but rain stopped play early.

A respectable crowd turned up to watch with a BBQ and music provided throughout the day.

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Giving tips to the ladies: Members of Wales Ladies Squad

Gayle Penn of Cricket Wales said: “Everyone is having a really good time; we have 96 ladies here today.

“The majority of the women here today have never played cricket before. It is a nice environment for them to come along and have a go at the game.

“It is a full generational opportunity for women of all ages to come along and play cricket.”

When asked if more could be done for Women’ cricket in Wales, she said: “Yes I think this is the starting point. This is the first year that ECB have launched this initiative. This year was to see how many girls are interested in cricket and next year we will be looking to expand on it.

“They want to play it; we’ve got to keep them in the game.”

Pictures by Iwan Lewis.

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