16th April 2021

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First Minister will ‘lend nomination’ to ensure woman on leadership ballot paper

FIRST Minister Carwyn Jones AM has given a strong signal to AM’s at the Senedd and delegates at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool that he would like to see a woman on the ballot paper for the leadership contest at the Senedd.

Speaking at the Labour Party Conference today, Monday (Sep 24) at the ACC Liverpool the First Minister said:

“I have to tell you conference I have always stated that it would be wrong, utterly wrong in 2018 to have such a contest without a woman on the ballot paper. I have to say conference if necessary I will lend my nomination to make sure that happens. And to describe that as tokenism will be a description that is given by those who do so from a position of privilege and wilful ignorance.”

Eluned Morgan appears to be the front runner amongst any women candidates with Mark Drakeford and Vaughan Gething being the two prominent male figures in the race for election as leader.

Welsh Labour decided at a special conference in September that, for the first time, its leader would be elected by a system of one-member-one-vote (Omov), dropping the electoral college which gave more weight to the views of MPs, AMs and affiliated organisations such as trade unions. With voting expected to get underway in October, a result is likely in early December, nine years to the month that Carwyn Jones took over from Rhodri Morgan.

Rhodri Morgan was succeeded by Carwyn Jones. Will it be another male leader at the Senedd?

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