A former Mayor of Llanelli has said that he is baffled by the arrival of a coach carrying a group of visitors from Bolton to the seaside town of Porthcawl, when Bolton is in lockdown.

Bill Thomas who has represented the Elli Ward as a County Councillor, now retired, said that he could not believe what he was seeing and hearing. He said:

“Today I sent this story to our members of the Senedd and MP.

RESIDENTS in a popular tourist destination in Wales have reacted with anger after reports that a coach load of Bolton holidaymakers visited their town.

“I asked how this could happen when there was a lockdown in Bolton.

“Within 7 minutes of my questions, I had one MS e-mailing me back and investigating. During the next 4 hours, I have had e-mail replies. This is just one the others are basically the same.”

Bill, It seems the lockdown rules are different in England………. Whereas HERE IN WALES THE GUIDANCE IS VERY CLEAR THAT if your County is in lockdown, you cannot leave the County without good reason – work, education, helping the elderly, basic shopping if the nearest such shop is over the boundary, and you are not allowed to go away on holiday.
In England, the rules don’t stop travel………… .. not the first time PM doesn’t seem to join up the dots

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“The second Email reply backs up the first.”

Dear Bill,
Thank you for your email.
I am aware of the particular trip that you have raised in your email. I can confirm that my office has taken up those concerns with Public Health Wales.
The issue here is the implementation of the local restrictions in Bolton and other parts of England, which unlike Wales do not seem to prevent people from leaving a ‘lockdown’ area to go on holiday.
The situation in Wales is being regularly reviewed and all advice relating to Wales can be found on www.gov.wales/coronavirus
With best wishes.

“It appears that in England they cannot meet in more than six people however they can all go on Holiday together in a Bus as long as they come here to share their misfortune. I have for some time tried to shine a light on the gaps in the advice guidance & laws that have been rushed out by this Westminster Government who act as always after the event nowhere do I see real action taken to stop “PEOPLE” spreading this infection. The only punitive legislative is the recent fines. Methods FOR taking in REAL PREVENTION action of infection need to happen sooner people need to be stopped from doing this kind of thing and coach trip firms shall face real heavy fines for these stupid actions in a lockdown area likewise Hotels who take bookings from lockdown areas should face a fine.

“Today and tonight Boris Johnson quoted the saying ” A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE”. Quite obviously he does not understand what this means, as the only place Bolton people shall travel is around Bolton in order to contain the virus, it appears they want to share it with the government’s approval otherwise they would have legislation to prevent it happening.

“Mark Gino Francois is a British politician a member of the Conservative Party, once made a comment in jest that sums this up. When it comes to gaps in the legislation we had legislation that stopped this kind of thing it needs to come back with a vengeance otherwise we will in Carmarthenshire and Pembroke join the unfortunate people of East Wales. In the Llanelli Area, we already have 5 pubs closed, a club closed, and at least two schools with a COVID problem. I for one do not wish to see the situation worsen. It is bad enough to have our own idiots spreading infection let alone this lot. As an afterthought, I wonder how many other local caravan parks have visitors from English lockdown areas?”

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