18th April 2021

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Gower AM encourages residents to consider adopting

Representing Gower: Rebecca Evans AM

REBECCA Evans AM, Assembly Member for Gower, is encouraging residents in her constituency to find out more about adoption.

To mark the start of National Adoption Week (Oct 15 – Oct 19), the AM has paid tribute to the many adoptive parents across Swansea who have made new families with some of the most vulnerable children in the country, and who are supporting them to fulfil their potential in loving homes.

In Wales, more than 300 children found new families in 2017/18 and for one third, this was as part of a sibling group. During this period 212 adopters were approved in 2017/18.

However more adopters are needed in Wales. As of June 2018 there were 314 children waiting to be adopted.

Rebecca Evans AM said:

“National adoption week is an opportunity to pay tribute to families right across Swansea who have adopted a child or a group of children, and all those professionals who support them through the journey.

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“Their decision to adopt and the commitment they have shown helps to give vulnerable children a new start.”

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