Helen Mary Jones to be sworn in as new Plaid AM for Mid and West

HELEN Mary Jones will today be sworn in as the new Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales.

A prominent figure in Welsh politics, Helen Mary Jones previously served as a Plaid Cymru AM from 1999 until 2011 with a political focus in her work on social justice, education and children and young people’s rights.

Helen Mary Jones expressed “profound regret” at the difficult circumstances in which she would be returning to the National Assembly but said that she was ready to undertake “the great honour” of serving the people of Mid and West Wales to the best of her ability.

Speaking before taking the oath in a private ceremony at the National Assembly, Helen Mary Jones said:

“It is a great honour to have the opportunity to serve the people of Mid and West Wales in our National Assembly.

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“I feel a profound sense of regret at the difficult circumstances in which I will be returning to the Senedd.

“Despite this, I know that there is a job of work to do in representing the people of Mid and West Wales and in giving them and their communities the strongest voice possible in our national parliament.

“I look forward to giving of my best for the region and for Wales.”

“Great honour” to serve region in National Assembly: Helen Mary Jones

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