16th April 2021

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Iceland’s Christmas Advert Supporting Ban on Palm Oil Banned

A Christmas advert for the food retailer Iceland has been banned by the Advertising Standards Agency for breaching the rules on political advertising.

As the countdown to Christmas begins so does the creative range of adverts on our TV screens. Probably the most famous of which, is the John Lewis Christmas advert.

Among the 15 most viewed adverts on Youtube include Coca Cola truck, Argos Yetis, M & S, Very, Waitrose and Sainsburys.



This year Iceland’s entry will be getting nil points as  their film Rang-Tan has been pulled from our screens.

The advert was made by  Greenpeace in August highlights the damage being done to the rainforests by palm oil production.

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The company has pledged to take palm oil out of their products and the film would have highlighted that pledge.

Because the film was originally made by Greenpeace it means that it falls foul of the rules on political advertising. Any adverts from political parties have to be labelled thus or they are not allowed on TV.

For those who do want to watch the Iceland advert have no fear. You can watch it right here.

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