17th June 2021

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Llanelli MS criticises Welsh Conservatives’ ‘point scoring’ from Coronavirus crisis

LLANELLI’s Member of the Senedd Lee Waters has criticised the Welsh Conservatives for trying to score points from the coronavirus crisis.

In a debate about transport in Wales, the Tories argued that the Welsh Government had failed to provide adequate support for bus operators during the pandemic, and were disappointed by the discouragement of flights from Cardiff airport due to the recently relaxed travel restrictions.

Lee Waters said “These are serious times, but I am afraid this motion is not a serious response from the Tories. The honourable project to create the Welsh Conservatives appears to be dead. Week after week the WG has faced calls by the Tories to copy the latest back of the envelope announcement from Downing Street. Public health policy driven by press conference is not the approach of this government”

“While passengers have understandably stepped away from public transport, the WG has not. The Tories claim that the 95% drop in passengers is due to the “cruel five mile rule”, but the drops been the same in England. What’s the logic of that?”

The Member of the Welsh Parliament for Llanelli added “When we commit Welsh tax payers money to help distressed bus companies, that’s money not being spent in care homes, or on schools. So when we do use these limited resources, we expect something in return. A commitment to keep down fares and a commitment to keep the services passengers want.”

“We will make extra funding available for increased services when passengers are ready to come back, not when it suits bus company shareholders, who’ve clearly been lobbying the Welsh Conservatives” Lee said.

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Discussing Cardiff airport, Mr Waters remarked that it was “An airport the Conservatives wanted us to let fail in private ownership. An airport that we rescued and revived, yet opposed each step of the way by the Tories. Our calls for the UK Government to help regional airports like Cardiff have been ignored, and that’s where the Welsh Conservatives should be focusing their firepower.”

In his closing remarks, Lee said “The Conservatives are criticising us for the recently lifted travel restrictions, despite voting for it.  So we’ve seen the true colours of the Tories today; prepared to put short term profit above public health, and again, we make no apologies for wanting to keep people safe.”

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