21st September 2021

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Llanelli Online can confirm that a 41 Year-Old male has been arrested at a Llwynhendy home today, Monday, (Mar 13). At least 14 police officers some armed attended the property at Maes ar Dafen Road at approximately 10 am GMT. Local independent County and Community Councillor Theresa Bowen was at the scene and spoke live to Llanelli Online. She said that armed police had smashed their way into the property and arrested a young male.

It is believed that the siege ended at 11am and the young male has been taken away. Councillor Bowen said

To see guns around here is crazy.

Describing the unfolding  of events Councillor Bowen said:

I was called at around 10am to say that there were armed police here. I came down and I could see it was an ongoing incident. I contacted housing and they also sent officers up here. More police arrived and smashed their way in to the property. A large crowd of people gathered near the property. Residents were not at risk as the area had been sealed off. Neighbours had been moved out of properties.

Councillor Bowen continued:

You cannot fault the emergency services as they were fantastic. They really ensured that the area was safe. carmarthenshire County Council’s housing officers also said that resident’s safety was paramount.

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Police still remain in the area. Carmarthenshire County Council have handed contact cards out for resident’s with any concerns. Theressa Bowen also said that residents can speak to her regarding any  concerns they may have.

County Councillor Sharen Davies also spoke to Llanelli Online about the incident. She said:

I have asked police for an update. I am waiting for them to come back to me.  I have great concerns about this incident. I have been chasing housing to do a lot more with anti social behaviour in the area. There is a lot of anti social behaviour and drugs related problems, which I and others have flagged up. I am hoping I can have a meeting with housing to discuss it further. I have asked for a meeting with the police and housing three months ago. It is concerning and frightening for the residents around there. I have been at County Hall this morning but I am going up there now to find out what is going on.

A 41 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of threats to kill and threats to damage property, and remains in police custody.

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