8th December 2021

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Mark Drakeford hails Welsh Government’s handling of pandemic ahead of final day of Senedd campaign

AHEAD of the last day of campaigning, Welsh Labour Leader and First Minister Mark Drakeford has spoken about Welsh Government’s handling of the pandemic.

Mr Drakeford said: “Over the last month, I’ve been all over Wales. I’ve had hundreds of conversations with people who have told me they are glad they have lived in Wales during the past year – and glad that their Welsh Labour Government has taken the approach it has to the pandemic.

“The action we have taken together, means we now have the lowest spread of Coronavirus in the UK and the third quickest vaccine rollout in the world. And because of the way we have worked together as a country, we are well placed to move forward through these tough times with the jobs-first recovery that Wales needs.

“I am proud to lead a party that is not only ambitious for Wales’s future, but which has such a proud record over the past twenty years. A vote for Welsh Labour on Thursday is a vote for a jobs first recovery. For a future which is greener, stronger and fairer. For a Wales in which everyone plays their part – and where no one is left behind or held back.

“If you value the Wales we are building together, you need to vote for it. Vote Welsh Labour.”

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