18th April 2021

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McEvoy plans Senedd meeting with Marine Biologist and Super Furry Animal

CAMPAIGNERS will gather outside Cardiff’s Civil Courts on Monday 17th September at 1pm. The hearing will begin at 2pm. It will be argued that beginning the dumping without an environmental impact assessment was unlawful.

Neil McEvoy AM will be joined by Emeritus Professor Keith Barnham, Marine Biologist Tim Deere Jones and Cian Ciaran of the Super Furry Animals in a press conference at 11.15am at the Senedd.

Professor Keith Barnham Emeritus Professor of Physics, and Distinguished Research Fellow at Imperial College London said,

“Hinkley Point A was used to produce raw materials for nuclear bombs in the late 1960s. Magnox Ltd has admitted also to MARINET that many “de-splitting” accidents in the Magnox cooling ponds resulted in spent fuel in the sludge. EDF should have tested for alpha emitters prior to the dumping. Leaks from fuel pins at Hinkley Point were certainly not rare.”

Cian Ciaran of the Super Furry Animals said,

“”I have one simple argument – absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence, therefore, the precautionary principle should dictate a re-think.”

Neil McEvoy AM said,

“ This situation is extraordinary. I cannot believe we have reached this stage. I pray the injunction is successful and encourage the public to lobby every politician they can. Welsh political decision makers have let us all down. They should hang their heads in shame. We are all going to fight this until the bitter end. We are not giving up.”

Marine Biologist Tim Deere Jones said,

“The dumping must be stopped. That’s our priority.”

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