12th April 2021

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‘More of a blessing to give than to receive’

Thought for the week: Reverend David Jones

By the early hours of Saturday there’s no doubt that Pudsey Bear will have a smile on his face as the BBC’s ‘Children in need’ will again have raised several millions of pounds for children’s charities and other deserving projects.

This annual celebration of fun and fundraising has taken a grip upon the nation and is a wonderful tribute to the generosity of so many in spite of these days of financial restraints. Last year’s total broke all previous records and hopefully it will be the same again this year.

Since 1980 over £950 million has been raised and along with other high-profile appeals such as Comic Relief the response of the British public has been amazing and wonderfully generous.

From big companies and sponsored events such as volunteers sitting in a bath of baked beans to local collections and fund-raising events Pudsey seems to have friends everywhere.

One of the high spots this year will be ‘Boysown’ taking part in a Strictly Come Dancing special with James Cullum performing the 2018 single ‘love is in the picture’.

Most years it’s fun to see the normally sedate Newscasters lose their inhibitions with soap stars getting in on the act by showing off their musical and dancing talents I wonder if that will happen this year – I do hope so.  Then there’s the enthusiastic studio audience and the millions watching while all the time we are asked to ‘pick up the ‘phone’ or get texting as the donations climb hour by hour.

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With Advent and Christmas just weeks away it’s no coincidence that Children in Need is held at this time of year. It may be that while we are being encouraged to over indulge ourselves and give in to the massive Christmas TV advertising campaigns we never forget those in greatest need within our society and world, and that, of course, is no bad thing.

Hopefully more money than ever before will be raised and we will be reminded again that it is more of a blessing to give than to receive and never to pass by on the other side. Well done Pudsey.

Photo: David Dixon (Creative Commons)

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