20th September 2021

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New range of Halloween products launched by Jenkins Bakery

The popular South Wales-based Jenkins Bakery has launched a special range of products to mark Halloween.
“We always like to do something special to mark different occasions throughout the year,” said Russell Jenkins, operations director at the Jenkins Bakery.
“Our customers have come to expect us to do something special and this year we have six different products for people to enjoy as they party over Halloween.

“We hope our customers enjoy them.”

The products are –

Pumpkin Biscuits (£1.00)

Our top quality shortbread biscuit with a hand decorated pumpkin in sugar paste & chocolate – packed with shelf life label underneath.
Halloween Cupcakes (£1.00)

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Our top quality plain sponge, covered with chocolate frosting, decorated with a halloween sugar paste plaque, and a sprinkle of bats or pumpkin figures.
Skeleton Biscuits (£0.80)
Our top quality shortbread biscuit covered with a sugar paste skeleton plaque.
Frankenstein Biscuits (£0.80)

Our top quality shortbread biscuit covered with a sugar paste Frankenstein plaque
Halloween Mallow Cones (£0.85)

Our popular marshmallow cones specially decorated with orange & black sprinkles for Halloween.

Halloween Krispies (£1.10)

Chocolate Krispie Cake with edible figure.

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