23rd April 2021

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New technology enables real-time tracking of Firefighters

EACH year UK fire and rescue service attend over 55,000 incidents inside buildings or structures, however, they are currently unable to accurately monitor and track a firefighting crew’s location within a structure in real-time.

The challenge for Firefighters and all Emergency Responders is gaining real-time situational awareness and being able to reliably track personnel in the open and know their location, including floor level, within a building.

Recent tragic incidents, such as the Manchester Arena bombing and the Grenfell Tower fire, have brought into sharp contrast the extremely dangerous and complex environment Firefighters and Emergency Responders operate in.

Post-incident enquiries and reviews have consistently highlighted weaknesses in communications and the ability to seamlessly receive and share real-time operational information to support decision making and capture information to inform post-incident review, investigation and learning. 

We are looking to engage and work with multiple companies and organisations, to take existing technologies and combine them to develop a solution which can be used by all emergency responders to accurately track their staff within the built environment.  

Funding from the Govtech Catalyst scheme provides the opportunity to research and develop existing and new technologies to enable real-time tracking of Firefighters, within buildings and structures, and encourages different companies and organisations to work collaboratively to deliver potential solutions to this challenge.      

The challenge has 4 parts  

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  1. How can we enable instantly deployable real-time tracking of Firefighters within buildings and their proximity to prevailing hazards at previously unknown locations?
  2. How can we deploy mobile technology to allow the tracking of Firefighters which can instantly create a ‘digital network’ to share information at all incident locations?
  3. How can we provide a software solution which enables seamless data collation, access and sharing across Emergency Responders and partner agencies?
  4. How can we present a real-time 3D map of operational environments, using virtual and augmented reality technologies, to enhance operational safety and post-incident review?

How do startups get involved?   
You can read about our challenge on the Innovation Funding Service website and interested companies can register before Wednesday, 21 November 2018 12:00pm, should they wish to apply.
There’s information on our Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service 
website or they can register for our launch event.
To join in the conversation and make contact with potential collaborators, sign up to our MAWWFRS GovTech Team.
If you have any additional questions 
contact Steve McLinden.

What do successful suppliers get?  

Phase 1 – Opportunity to apply for up to £50,000 (including VAT) in Phase 1 to research and develop ideas and proposals, plus the opportunity to bid for additional funding up to £500,000 in Phase 2. 

Phase 2 (if successful in Phase 1) – You’ll retain the intellectual property and will be helping to significantly improve Firefighter safety and deliver this much needed solution to the wider global emergency response sector. 

Here is the link to the GovTech pages detailing our challenge,

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