Nia Griffith MP calls for ‘more not less’ services at Prince Philip Hospital

NIA Griffith MP has said that Llanelli needs more hospital services at Prince Philip Hospital not less.

Speaking exclusively to Llanelli Online today, Friday (Apr 20) following the Hywel Dda board meeting yesterday she said: “Absolutely no way do we want to see Llanelli become a community hospital.

We want to keep the services we have here in Llanelli. We are the largest town in the Hywel Dda area.

We’ve also got a modern hospital, we’ve got room to expand and importantly given that doctors now seem to like to have a bit of research and a bit of experience in a bigger hospital we are so close to Swansea that we can offer those sorts of opportunities.

We can offer attractive packages so it makes no sense whatsoever to have anything less in Prince Philip we should be having more in Prince Philip Hospital.

You can see the full interview here:

Nia Griffith MP on Prince Phillip Hospital from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

Documents from the meeting are available here:

The following is probably the most helpful for understanding what the proposals and plans entail


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