22nd September 2021

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No football as developers fence off makeshift pitch

RAY Jones has a history in football. He takes his nickname ‘Duncan’ from the Man Utd footballer Duncan Edwards. He is it is safe to say ‘football crazy’.

Ray’s computer is usually tuned in to the County Council webcasts but during the World Cup it is football, football, football all the way. During advert breaks Ray has been known to take a walk around the neighbourhood checking on the local developers Taylor Wimpey, monitoring the local attraction the’Berlin Wall’ and measuring pollution levels on the roads. Did we mention his campaign for a Sandy Road Bypass?

During one of his jaunts Ray noticed that metal fencing has been erected  on the road between Denham Avenue and Iscoed Road. Ray said “There was grass there where the kids kicked the football about on a makeshift pitch.  You can’t access the pavements now let alone the grassy area. I have sent an email to the council public protection. Kids cannot play football during the World Cup and it is a disgrace.

“They have been kicking the ball against a garage, they are doing no harm. What are Taylor Wimpey  thinking of? They really are a shower. If they are going to put the houses there now I could understand it but they won’t be building there for a while.”

When asked what he would like done about it Ray said: “I’d like them Taylor Wimpey’ to make sure the kids have somewhere to play. Lee Waters AM has said he would get onto them as there is nowhere for the kids to play. I think it is a matter of course that all councils will not kick up a fuss at all. The developers can do what they like and you have to question whether any palms are being greased. It is hard to prove that. The council are burying their heads in the sand and hoping it will all go away or that I will go away.

“The 350 housing site does not have a single play area for children. Children, since the World Cup has started have used this unoccupied area to play like their stars and replicate the World Cup,. We used to do it when we were children, but good old Taylor Wimpey have put the “mockers” on that now.

“The Council’s Air Pollution Officer Oliver Matthews has promised to visit the area to look into the “Dust Storms” coming off and out of the Taylor Wimpey site caused by the winds and the delivery lorries, I could have kicked myself as I was seconds to late to lake a lorry coming off their site with what I can only describe as a “Sand / Dust Storm” akin to the dessert.

“In conclusion, I have been reliably informed that Taylor Wimpey have submitted a fresh planning application to allow the “Berlin Wall” and “Table Mountain” to remain where they are.”

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We contacted Carmarthenshire County Council regarding safety issues. We had not received a response by the time of publication.

We contacted Taylor Wimpey. We called their Cardiff Office and we were directed to their London Office. We called the London office and were unable to get a response.

Llanelli Online has reported previously on the Welsh Government and the County Council’s concerns about the rising rates of obesity in children. We also reported on playing areas are not being maintained or are being built on and developers  paying small amounts to appease local councillors as part of the tokenistic Section 106 agreements.

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