23rd April 2021

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‘Our poverty is not inevitable’ says Helen Mary Jones AM

IN her first Plaid Cymru conference speech since returning to front line politics Helen Mary Jones told party members and mid and west Wales residents that Wales can be a richer country and the current state of the Welsh economy is not inevitable.

Speaking during her conference speech, Plaid Cymru Mid and West Wales AM Helen Mary Jones said:

“Poverty is a result of political choices, our current poverty is not inevitable. Wales can be a richer country, empowered to stand on our own feet economically. While it will be lot harder if Brexit goes ahead but it doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.”

“My region of the Mid and West Wales is vast and has many areas that will be affected by Brexit like rural communities, coastal towns and the agricultural sector. ”

“It is becoming increasingly clear that leaving the EU without a deal would be a mistake of historic proportions which would cause great harm to people’s livelihoods, wellbeing and security. This is why we need a People’s Vote. Even drug companies have been instructed to stockpile medicine to prepare for the possibility of a no deal exit – this should not be happening in a developed state in the 21st century.

“I am convinced that none of those voters who voted for Brexit voted for drug shortages, unemployment, a hard border in Northern Ireland, visa requirements to visit our nearest neighbours and threats to environmental protection and our human rights. These are the real risks of a hard ‘no deal’ Brexit.

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“Many people affected by the result of the referendum could not vote—71,500 young people, approximately, have reached the voting age in Wales since we voted to leave. That is not far short of the national majority in Wales for Brexit. Now, I do not mean to imply for a moment that all young people would have voted to remain, but we do know that young people were much less likely to support Brexit, and it’s obvious that the impact of Wales leaving the European Union will hit young people the hardest.”

“We must build our confidence, don’t play the pity card – Plaid Cymru must be bold and confident to form the Welsh Government in 2021 as the beginning of our journey towards independence.

“To win there must be no no-go areas in Wales for Plaid Cymru. We must win in places like Powys and Pembrokeshire – it is down to use to convince people to vote Plaid Cymru whereever they live in Wales. Together, we will win a new Wales.”

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