Plaid Cymru stalwart resigns amid ‘ongoing turmoil’ within Llanelli Branch

Dyfrig Thomas (r) with the Sean Rees

A lifelong member of Plaid Cymru has resigned from the Party amid what many are claiming to be an ongoing turmoil within the Llanelli Branch of the party.

Dyfrig Thomas stood as a Plaid Cymru Candidate in the 1964 Westminster election in the then Pembroke constituency.

He was a familiar figure at Plaid Cymru events and regularly campaigned on behalf of the party at local and national elections.

In 2017 he was presented with a lifetime achievement award for his years of dedicated service to the Party and his Country.

It is claimed that at least 40 members have now left the Llanelli branch of the party over the past six months.

It is further claimed that the reason behind the resignations was the imposition of the candidate Mari Arthur at the 2017 General Election.

Former Llanelli Branch members claim that a formal complaint submitted in August 2017 by 26 members in relation to examples of misconduct has not been addressed or even acknowledged in accordance with the Party’s official disciplinary procedures.

Speaking to Llanelli Online former member Mary Roll said: “The failures of the present senior Constituency Committee officers to engage with any of us, over several months, resulted in the Llanelli Town Branch moving a vote of no confidence. This motion of no confidence has never been acknowledged;

“The final straw was the refusal to hold a full and independent investigation into the unjust selection process and its destructive aftermath.

“There have been several requests for the Party Leader to resolve and bring this crisis to a resolution although all communications have been ignored. The Party Leader promised to return within a matter of days following the 2017 Westminster Election but this did not happen.

“Now that almost all the members who have called for the Party’s processes to be followed have left, the Party Leader has decided to visit Llanelli tonight.”



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