23rd April 2021

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Reinstate pest control call from victims of fly infestation

Brought to a meeting in Seaside: Bag of flies

RESIDENTS of Llanelli went to the County Hall in Carmarthen this morning, Monday (Oct 1) to protest over the recent fly infestation which hit the town.

Social media was full of tales of woe from people all around Llanelli experiencing the onslaught of the flies.

In June, Carmarthenshire County Council’s environmental health team handed over responsibility of the source of Llanelli’s fly infestation to Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

A recycling plant in Seaside was identified as the ‘most likely’ source of the infestation.

However many months later and residents of the areas affected the worst have voiced their anger at how the whole situation was handled by the local authorities.

Residents were angered further when skips for waste had been placed outside a catering establishment in the affected area. A correspondent who did not wish to be named told us that the cafe owners were furious having suffered as a result of the initial fly infestation and later large waste bins which were placed outside their premises.

Llanelli Town Councillor for the Glanymor Ward, Sean Rees has issued a statement following todays protest and Scrutiny Committee Meeting in Carmarthen:

“THE whole purpose of this report was to include information on the management process and response arrangements for dealing with similar public health incidents that may occur in the future.

“If the powers to be think that just a 5 page report is going to sort it, then quite frankly they can think again.

“This fly infestation has caused so much misery, frustration, expense and stress for everyone in our area.

“The authorities like to talk about what they did do, but they also need to be honest with themselves about those areas which require improvement particularly around communication.

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“For instance, we had skips located outside food establishments. Press releases stating for residents to put out their rubbish to be collected, only for the next day to still be there since no collection had actually been organised.

“Some would argue misinformation like this escalated the problems. There were no representatives from either the Council or NRW at the two public meetings we held in Seaside. Where is the accountability? Where is the compassion? Where is the apology that is due to our community?

“Residents views must be heard. There has been no evidence taken from any of us who have had or are continuing to have to cope with such disgusting conditions.

“We all know we are living in times of austerity but public health must always be a priority.

“We’re calling for the reinstatement of the Pest Control division after it was regrettably scrapped back in 2011. We’re calling for the return of our street litter bins which have been taken away over the years. We’re calling for a greater focus to ensure enhanced control measures are put in place so this never ever happens again.

“We will continue to work with the authorities where we can and will hold them to account. Our area is widely recognised for our community spirit.

“We will not be giving up on this issue until we get the answers that we need and deserve.”

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