11th April 2021

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Burry Port, Llanelli

Report from the Port: Forest Gatherings Spark Anti Social Behaviour

COUNCILLORS in Burry Port are calling for action to be taken to prevent criminal damage and possibly loss of life at a remote wooded area between Pwll and Burry Port.

Concerns over forest gatherings: Cllr Amanda Fox and Cllr John James

Councillors Amanda Fox and John James claim that youths are travelling to the area to drink and take drugs and they have raised those concerns with Burry Port Police today, Tuesday (Nov 6).

Cllr Fox said: “Over the past few months there have been ongoing issues in the New street area and other areas down the Bacce with vehicles being damaged and doorbells being ripped out of some houses.

“Teenagers are congregating in the Forest area between Burry Port and Pwll mainly at the weekend. Many of the youths are coming from the Llanelli area by train .

“Underage drinking and drug use is a major concern to us.

“If something isn’t done to stop this then a tragedy is likely to happen.”

Cllr James added: “Both myself and Cllr Fox were contacted by worried residents over the weekend . The Police are now going to regularly patrol the area and contact all Comprehensive schools in Llanelli and Burry Port to to try to bring this to a halt.

“The Forest area is dangerous with a Cliff drop which was fenced but has been vandalised. There is glass everywhere and it is pitch black with no lighting.”

Cllr Fox and Cllr James are urging Parents to discourage their children from going to the area and claim that last weekend there were over 50 youths in the area. They claim that the youths then caused the damage returning to the train station.

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