23rd April 2021

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Residents vow to maintain last free access point to Pembrey Beach

Lines removed but plans for pay and display: The Fisherman’s car park

AROUND 80 people turned up to a public meeting at Pembrey Church  Hall at 2.30 today, Saturday, (Oct 6).

The meeting was led by Nia Griffith MP and Lee Waters AM who listened to the concerns of local residents who expressed their concerns regarding the recent double yellow lines blitz on the Pembrey Country Park.  Carmarthenshire County Council painted miles of double yellow lines effectively restricting anyone from parking where they had been for many years to enjoy access to the local beach. The council subsequently said that they had placed yellow lines at the Fisherman’s car park by mistake and that they were now going to install a pay and display machine there instead. This has not eased the strength of protest from those on social media who see the restrictions as;

A. A money making scam

B. Penalising locals

C. Penalising equestrians

Social media has been full of objections and complaints although some have actually been in support of the council’s yellow line free for all.

Taking the fight to county hall: Nia Griffith MP

Speaking to Llanelli Online after the meeting Nia Griffith MP said: “We have just come from a meeting in Pembrey about the double yellow lines, which have been put down in Pembrey Country Park. People here are very very concerned that their access to the beach through the Fisherman’s car park is going to be stopped.


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Pembrey Parking from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

Speaking about the strength of feeling within the church hall the MP said “There was a real feeling in the meeting of getting going with some  action here. There were over 80 people here many of whom had been involved with the Save Our Sands Campaign nearl fifty years ago. They are not going to take no for an answer. They are determined to make sure that they are going to be able to park in that Fisherman’s car park and are going to be able to get access to the beach.”

Why has it happened in secret?: Lee Waters AM wants transparency and community involvement

Lee Waters AM made no bones about why he believed the council were targeting local people. He said: “This doesn’t pass the common sense test. The list of reasons they have given us again and again don’t pass muster with the people who live here. This is clearly about raising money. This is a car park for locals it is not something that most tourists know about. There has to be a question about what is a proportional response to the problem. We will be feeding back to the council the strong feelings relayed to us this afternoon.

The Llanelli AM expressed his incredulity over what he claims has been a cloak and dagger decision made in secret somewhere in the depths of County Hall. He Said: “I don’t think anyone can understand why this has happened. Why this has happened in secret. Why it has been targeted at this car park. They are trying to claim there is a big public problem with up to 60 cars being parked there damaging the area. This is not a picture anybody using the car park regularly recognises. If there is a problem let’s tackle it proportionally. Let’s bring people with us and not do it in a cloak and dagger way, which people are suspicious of. Of course there is an issue of declining budgets but we need to look at this problem in the round and come up with a solution with real sense.”

Standing room only: Pembrey Church Hall

All photos courtesy of Peter Tully.

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