THERE is lots of help and advice for parents in Carmarthenshire to support their children to use the Welsh language at home, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

The council has various resources in place to help English-speaking parents whose children attend Welsh-medium schools.

The Education department has a team of Welsh language support officers who work locally in support of Welsh-medium learners.

it is also a key priority in the council’s Distance Learning Plan which sets out the way forward for learning in Carmarthenshire during the coronavirus outbreak.

Most importantly, if your children attend Welsh-medium schools but you do not speak Welsh at home, please do not worry as there is a lot you can do to help your children speak and use the language.

This includes watching Welsh language TV programmes, listening to Welsh stories and Welsh language music and downloading Welsh language apps.

Encourage your children to use Welsh with their brothers or sisters, and keep in contact with friends or other family members who speak Welsh over the phone or digitally.

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Your school will be able to support and advise you, remember your children are used to completing written tasks and homework through the Welsh language.

You can also find information and links to a range of organisations providing activities for children and young people in Welsh on Hwb.

Executive Board Member for Education and Children’s Services Cllr Glynog Davies said: “These are extraordinary times and I know a lot of parents are concerned about their children’s education, particularly those children who attend Welsh-medium primary schools but come from an English-speaking household.

“First of all, please do not worry, there is lots of help and support available to you to help maintain and develop your children’s use of the Welsh language, from TV and radio to books and music, not to mention the huge amount of resources that are available online.

“Please be assured we are all in this together and our main priority is keeping our children safe and well. If you need any further advice regarding the Welsh language or any other issue, please do not hesitate to contact your school.”

Teachers in Carmarthenshire are also being upskilled in the Welsh language with approximately 125 teachers across the county having lessons to improve their competence / confidence; and since the coronavirus outbreak, lessons have been continuing remotely.

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