16th April 2021

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‘Sweet’ success for Bryngwyn pupil

A former pupil at Bryngwyn Comprehensive School has been awarded with a prize for her achievements in following an innovative BTEC course in Personal and Social Development (PSD).

Kylie Staveley won the prize for the Most Exceptional Sweet student.

Sweet* (Succeeding with employment, education and training) has been developed by Portal Training and was originally designed to be a resource that could combat some of the barriers learners faced when trying to engage in any form of learning.  It is being delivered in 148 schools and centres in Wales and England, to over 7000 learners.

Portal’s Managing Director, Gwawr Booth commented:

“We started to develop sweet* 7 years ago, and it was originally designed to be a resource that could combat some of the barriers learners faced when trying to engage in any form of learning.

It has evolved over the years to the course that Bryngwyn, and nearly another 150 centres are delivering across Wales and beyond, which is much more comprehensive and aimed at all young learners. It tackles important life skills such as money matters, personal identity and managing relationships.

We are delighted to see the impact it is having on learners, as evidenced in the winning entries from Kylie and others.”

The competition was open to all 7000 learners following sweet* and learners had to evidence how it has helped them gain self-confidence, create positive relationships, understand and respects people from different backgrounds and helped with gaining employment. 

In her winning entry Kylie Staveley from Bryngwyn highlighted how Sweet* helped her as she moved schools in year 11. She said:

“I was so nervous about what was going to happen, but the Sweet programme turned out to be the answer to my problems.”

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She added that Sweet* had given her a better understanding of what is required of her in the world outside of school, and also helped her to gain a part time job.

“I learnt about the skills I would need for my dream future career and I completed a skills audits to show what I needed to improve. I completed a challenge to teach children about the skills employers are looking for and about jobs in the future.  I completed research, I spoke to employers face to face and I had the chance to act as team leader and organise my group. I also did a role play interview in front of the children, this is something I would never have had the confidence to do before.

“I completed a CV which I used to apply for a part time job, I used my new skills to talk confidently at the interview and I have landed a job in Home Bargains for the summer. They were impressed that I could talk about the money management module, as saving money for customers is part of the company’s ethos.

Rob Jones, Assistant Headteacher at Bryngwyn added:

“The Sweet* course has been very successful at Bryngwyn school. It is easy to follow and the resources provide plenty of support for staff who deliver the course. Through Sweet* pupils have been able to engage in discussion and activities about relevant issues that will help them as they move onto the next step after compulsory education.

“Pupils studying the Sweet* course at Bryngwyn have developed their understanding relating to healthy living, relationships, finance and goal setting and have become more confident individuals as a result.”

Bryngwyn has been delivering the sweet course for two years now and during this academic year 10 and 11 pupils will be benefitting from its content.

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