18th April 2021

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‘The storm will pass and peace will come’

Thought for the week: Reverend David Jones

Walking our dog ‘Lola’ along the Panyfan Quarry on Friday evening there was no doubt that ‘Callum’ was reaching over the Irish channel and making his presence felt.

I often wonder how storms are given such lovely names. All the Callum’s I know are gentlemen of the first order and with recent storm names like ‘Ophelia’ and ‘Michael’ and with Deidre, Erik, Freya and Gareth in the pipeline I wonder how these names are chosen. I’m sure there’s an answer somewhere.

The force of Callum’s wind power was enough to send some garden pots flying across the road with the trees in the quarry almost bent over. Other parts of Wales had it much worse than we did.  The Neath Valley and especially around the Aberdulais area were severely affected, and the death of a young man from Newcastle Emlyn in Cwmduad was especially tragic. 21-year-old Corey Sharpley was a much-loved son and brother, our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this sad time.

Autumn of course, can be stormy when the ‘nip’ of the coming winter is in the air. With falling leaves and shortening days we are reminded that summer is well and truly over. In just over a week’s time the clocks will be turned back and winter will be upon us. Thankfully, by Sunday the weather had improved. Lola was much more content as we walked the beach with some runners back in shorts and vests enjoying the autumn sunshine. ‘Callum’ was well and truly gone.

The uniqueness of the changing seasons declares to us that this world is never on hold. This adds to the wonder of creation and the amazing faithfulness of God in sustaining all that is and all that will be. The seasons can often reflect our own experience of life. There are times when things are going well, we feel the warmth of love and friendship and then a storm may come when things go wrong and disappointment and frustration often follow.

Bereavement, the loss of a loved one can shatter our lives as sure as the storm bring devastation to land and sea. It is then that God promises a spring – new beginnings when the storm will pass and peace will come. Jesus said ‘I will be with you’.

To know him in the sunshine and the storm is to be sure of the promise God gives that storm or sunshine we are never alone.

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