23rd April 2021

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Thousands make ‘great pilgrimage’ to honour WW1 generation

MEMBERS of the Bynea and District branch of the Royal British Legion joined thousands of Armed Forces veterans to pay tribute to the fallen members of the Royal British Legion as part of the Great Pilgrimage (GP90) to the battlefields of the First World War.

A decade after the end of WW1, the British Legion (as it was then known) organised for 11,000 veterans and war widows to visit the battlefields of the Somme and Ypres before marching to the Menin Gate in Ypres on 8 August 1928.

In 2018, exactly 90 years on, Great Pilgrimage 90 saw 1,150 branches and thousands of members and representatives from the UK and abroad help The Royal British Legion recreate their original pilgrimage.

Led by 1100 standard bearers, it was the culmination of the three day event which saw the 2200 participants visit the ww1 trenches, battlefields and cemeteries of France and Belgium.

Mr Wayne Roberts and Mr Howell Payne attended the GP90 as representatives of Bynea and District Branch as standard bearer and wreath layer respectively.

Mr David Hoey chairman of the Bynea and District Branch said “Being part of such an historic event, representing Bynea and Llwynhendy in commemorating those that lost their lives in the First World War was an honour and something I will never forget”

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Bob Gamble, the Royal British Legion’s head of commemorative events, said:”GP90 was the legion’s biggest membership event in modern history and is a suitable tribute from the members of the Royal British Legion in honour of the First World War generation, echoing the way the British Legion community commemorated the 10th anniversary of the conflict in 1928″

For more information visit www.britishlegion.org.uk or find out how to get involved with your local branch contact Mr Vince Payne(branch secretary) on 01554 770796.

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