8th December 2021

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Welsh Liberal Democrats to build 30,000 new social homes and instigate a green homes revolution

AS part of their manifesto to put recovery first the Welsh Liberal Democrats have announced a housing plan that would see 30,000 new social homes built over a five year period as well as funding to make new and existing homes greener which would save households up to £500 per year.

Their home building plan is part of their wider commitment to provide a green housing solution to the Welsh housing crisis making homes more affordable and built to a higher standard.

The Welsh Lib Dems not only promised more social housing housing but also committed to investing in “greener, warmer homes” that would save households “up to £500 a year on energy bills.”

The Party has also said it would legislate and provide support for a right to adequate housing to make sure all residents have the dignity of a safe and secure home.

Commenting on the announcement, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds said:

“For too many people in Wales this simple goal of a safe, secure, affordable home is all too often an impossible dream, Liberal Democrats would change this.

“Our plan for homes puts recovery first. We’ll create jobs by green proofing our homes, save people money on energy bills and make sure that no one is left behind.

“We have a fair, green and ambitious housing plan. A plan for Wales where everyone is able to afford a home of their own. A home, which is cheap to heat, good for our environment and helped create jobs in our communities – whether that be by building new green homes, or retrofitting existing ones.


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